3 questions for Dr. Bruno Juquel, Director of the Henner medical department
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3 questions for Dr. Bruno Juquel, Director of the Henner medical department

What is the purpose of the World Health Day? 

It is an awareness day, dedicated to promoting health and wellness of individuals. 

At Henner, health is a subject that is particularly close to our hearts given our line of business which consists in designing and implementing health as well as life and disability insurance policies.  

This day is particularly relevant to Henner taking into account that the Group has its own medical departmentHaving a team made up of healthcare professionals is a clear added value that allows us to support our customers and insured members with in-depth health expertise. It is an important responsibility to advise companies on medical aspects as well as to develop a good quality network of healthcare providers throughout the world. Referring an insured member to a healthcare professional is a high risk and leaves no room for improvisation. 

What is the role of the medical department within the Henner Group? 

Our role is to support our clients on matters of medical expertise. To do this well, our medical team is multidisciplinary and includes doctors, medical coordinators, nurses, dentists, orthodontists and pharmacists, located all over the world, to meet the health needs of our clients and insured members. 

Henner medical department operates in France and internationally and has several missions: 

  • First of all, we talk about the medical mission. We assist companies in the medical follow-up of their workforce by setting up health check-ups for their employees as well as expatriates and senior executives. Our approach also takes into consideration the notion of “frequent flyer” employees. Internationally, our doctors analyse medical claims, control costs, negotiate prices with healthcare providers, facilitate access to care, clarify and optimise the treatment plan for expatriate insured members. They direct employees to the most suitable healthcare providers in our network according to their medical situation. We are truly supportive of our policyholders when they are faced with delicate medical situations. We also establish so-called claims analyses, such as the analysis of sick leave and peak claims. The purpose of this is to enable a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ profit and loss reports, allowing them to effectively manage their insurance policies. 
  • Another of our missions is medical prevention. Henner helps companies to set up prevention and wellness at work programs for their employees. We have developed specific modules around four distinct areas of action: prevention and awareness-raising actions focusing on lifestyle habits, early detection of certain diseases, well-being in the workplace, and the fight against addictions. These actions are beneficial for both the employees and their health and for the companies in the management of costs which can be limited. For example, we talk here about costs induced by musculoskeletal disorders due to the repetition of tasks or poor installation at the workstation… 
  • And finally, we put insured members in touch with the right practitioners around the world. Our mission is to facilitate access to quality care for our policyholders, wherever they are in the world. To do this, the Henner Group has a team dedicated to this major task. Its mission is both to maintain and develop our global network of healthcare professionals (1.6 million professionals in 189 countries) and to guarantee our insured members quality medical care, at controlled costs thanks to negotiated rates and the implementation of direct settlement agreements.  

Why is medical prevention important? 

We all know the moto “prevention is better than cure”. The primary objective of prevention is to correct poor habits to minimise or even avoid possible pathologies by adopting a healthy lifestyle (sports activities, nutrition, etc.). At Henner, we are convinced that prevention in the workplace is of primary importance because it raises awareness among employees and companies about public health issues. The Henner medical department added value is to support HR in the implementation of the targeted prevention measures. We organize workshops, coaching, screenings in response to the common problems of their employees, which we compare against sectorial data that we have access to thanks to the diversity of our customer portfolio. Each campaign is designed and built jointly with the company to best target the prevention and screening actions in the interest of each stakeholder.

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