Why do health checks are a sign of a company’s commitment towards its employees?
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Why do health checks are a sign of a company’s commitment towards its employees?

When we talk about health checks, we tend to think of physical abnormalities, but a health check can also reveal underlying physical suffering, a phenomenon that has been increasing steadily in recent years.

Henner has developed a range of services dedicated to organising health checks for your employees in France, those on international assignment, and your senior executives.

International mobility health check

Is it a legal requirement to perform a health check prior to an employee’s expatriation?

French law requires all employers to ensure the health and safety of their employees as part of their duties. This obligation requires all employers to pay attention to the risks involved for travel abroad. A health check is not a legal obligation. However, it is essential to allow the employer to prove they have implemented all possible means to ensure the safety of employees and not be held liable.

In addition of individual medical factors, the health check helps address the following risks:

  • Travel-related risks: management of jet lag, risk of venous thromboembolism, patient compliance during trips or assignments, etc.
  • Risks related to the destination: vaccine updates, medical advice related to the local health situation, prophylactic treatment, etc.
  • Risks related to specific professional activity: work on an oil platform, specific psychological risks, work in hostile environments, etc.

Health checks for executives

Taking care of the health and well-being of employees is essential to ensure the performance of your company. That also concerns directors and managers. Offering a high-end Health Check service to your senior executives is a way of rewarding their daily personal commitment while showing your support for them.

A health check designed for the high pace of life of executives has two main advantages:

  • It offers an in-depth assessment of the various medical risk factors.
  • It also provides personalised feedback of appropriate advice.

Digital preventive medicine checks

The digital preventive medicine checks for all employees with 2 main goals:

  • Raise the issue of lifestyle habits (poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) in order to take action to fix them.
  • Identify risks related to the main chronic diseases.

As a company, you obtain an overview of the risk factors and principal chronic diseases (in compliance with the legislation in force and ensuring that the company is unable to identify individual employees). You can determine the prevalence of groups of pathologies within the company (cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) in order to arrange for treatment if necessary. Finally, people at risk benefit from medical monitoring.

Health check is a powerful tool for prevention on individual and collective level. 

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